January 12, 2010


NEW YORK, NY - Wild Card week was truly wild as the NFL playoffs got under way and showed many potential contenders the door. With teams like the Pats getting dominated by the Ravens, the Jets continuing their improbably roll, and the Cardinals winning a thriller in overtime against the Packers, fans are looking for answers as to what the rest of the playoffs might hold. Always first to the punch to give them some insight is the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, BetUS.com and they posted odds on all things NFL playoffs.

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following odds on the NFL playoffs:

AFC Championship:

Indianapolis Colts 1/1
San Diego Chargers 3/2
Baltimore Ravens 6/1
Baltimore Ravens 6/1

To meet in Super Bowl :

Colts vs Saints 11/4
Colts vs Vikings 9/2
Colts vs Cowboys 5/1
Colts vs Cardinals 10/1
Chargers vs Saints 7/2
Chargers vs Vikings 6/1
Chargers vs Cowboys 13/2
Chargers vs Cardinals 12/1
Ravens vs Saints 12/1
Ravens vs Vikings 18/1
Ravens vs Cowboys 20/1
Ravens vs Cardinals 35/1
Jets vs Saints 15/1
Jets vs Vikings 22/1
Jets vs Cowboys 24/1
Jets vs Cardinals 40/1

Super Bowl XLIV :

Indianapolis Colts 11/4
San Diego Chargers 7/2
New Orleans Saints 4/1
Dallas Cowboys 13/2
Minnesota Vikings 6/1
Baltimore Ravens 12/1
Arizona Cardinals 14/1
New York Jets 18/1

Conference To Win Super Bowl XLIV:

AFC Conference 14/19
NFC Conference 21/20

To Meet in AFC Championship :

Colts vs Chargers 4/7
Colts vs Jets 13/4
Ravens vs Chargers 5/2
Ravens vs Jets 9/1

To Meet in NFC Championship :

Cardinals vs Cowboys 5/1
Cardinals vs Vikings 15/4
Saints vs Cowboys 31/20
Saints vs Vikings 1/1


Adrian Peterson 8/1
Brett Favre 5/1
Drew Brees 4/1
Joe Flacco 14/1
Kurt Warner 20/1
Larry Fitzgerald 20/1
Mark Sanchez 18/1
Peyton Manning 2/1
Philip Rivers 3/1
Ray Rice 18/1
Thomas Jones 12/1
Tony Romo 4/1

Sports and Newsworthy odds can be found at: http://www.betus.com/ats/12955/sportsbook/

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November 19, 2009

Winning NBA Picks Keep Coming

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the Sports Betting Champ. In my last post I was pointing out how the system gets more information and keeps building statistics to get better picks as the season goes on.

Well, this has really started to take hold and the Sports Betting Champ System has made 3 more Solid NBA picks in the last 2 days and is now an even more impresive 10-0 for the NBA regular season. Don't let the skeptics hold you back. This system is for real and to prove it there is a 6 week money back guarantee that comes with it! So how can you lose?

If you are still unsure, check this out and see what you think after you've read it:
Sports Betting Champ Scam


Ed Manning

November 17, 2009

Sports Betting Champ & Winning NBA Picks

The Sports Betting Champ System now has an outstanding 7-0 record for the 2009-2010 NBA season. That's a great start and as the season goes on the NBA betting system will get even stronger. There are a few basic reasons why this happens and they are the same reasons that your NBA picks should also get stronger.

With each passing day they are more statistics that you can use to update your power rankings. The statistics also get stronger as the season progresses because with more games played you get a chance to see the bigger trends and the strengths or weaknesses of teams also begin to appear. Early you are basically basing your rankings on last season and preseason, both of which are relatively weak indicators of te current season results. But, as the season goes on you have more REAL data from this year to confirm your rankings and also the information you need to make the necessary changes.

Every season has some surprises and there are no guarentees that because a team was good or bad last year they will remain the same this year. Players change teams, coaches change and players age and mature. Some players drop off while others gain that extra step and poise that they need to help take their team to the next level.

That is why The Sports Betting Champ gets stronger too. It begins to build momentum off of the season's statistics and sees the patterns begin to emerge. It is also why, YEAR AFTER Year, that the system wins more often as the season goes on. Early on not enough games meet the system criteria to make it a winning pick, but as it goes on the statistics show it more and more winning NBA picks.

So, remember, it is neve too late to start winning with Sports Betting Champ. Pick it up now and add it too your killer arsenal of NBA betting tools! With it you will win more aften and avoid the losses that hurt your bankroll. Start winning your NBA picks more often on tonights games!


Ed Manning
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